An unusual hairless dog with characteristic tufts of hair on the head, feet and tail. Their hot-skinned body was applied as a kind of living 'hot-water bottle' as a cure for aches and pains.
Chinese crested dog
The Chinese crested is completely hairless, except for a crest or mane (on the head), hair on the feet and a plume on the tail. A haired version with silky, long double coat also exists. The coated Chinese crested dogs are known as Powder Puffs.

Naked Chinese crested dog
There used to be two morphology types, a fine-boned Chinese crested (deer type) and a heavier type (cobby type), but the difference has now largely faded.

Coated Chinese Crested
Coated Chinese crested
Character and Temperament
This exuberant dog is very affectionate and playful. They are very good climbers and diggers, and can grip objects (or their owner) with their paws in an almost human way.

Like many small dog breeds, they can sometimes be hyperactive and manipulative.

Hairless dog do not breed very successfully, often producing puppies with teeth and toe-nail abnormalities.

A peculiarity of the breed is that the litters of two hairless dogs often include "powder-puffs". Some believe it is nature's way to keep the hairless puppies warm.

Breeding hairless dogs with the genetically more sound coated type ensures the continuity of this breed.

The hairless type needs protection against sunburn and the skin should be moisturized regularly. Powder-puffs should be brushed very regularly.
Chinese Crested Dog
(Naked dog, Hairless dog)
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Chinese crested
Chinese crested
by Juliette Cunliffe
More information

The name indicates that the Chinese crested originated in China, but no actual proof exists supporting this theory.

Some authors believe the Chinese crested's ancestors came from Africa and then moved east to Asia. (See: hairless dogs).

Many have tried to relate all naked dog breeds in Asia, Africa and other countries, and find a common ancestor for them, but their is not much evidence to support this theory.

Some even think the Chinese crested may result from a cross between a Mexican Hairless dog with the Chihuahua.
Chinese crested dog