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Bucovina sheepdog (Bukovina Shepherd dog): The Bucovina Shepherd is a strong and rustic dog, originally used to guard and protect herds against predators (wild animals or human intruders). Today, Bucovina Shepherd Dogs are more and more kept as property guard dogs or just as pets, because of their balanced temperament and the kindliness they show to children.

Carpathian Shepherd dog:
Two types of Romanian shepherd dogs.
Left: Mioritic Romanian sheepdog.
Right: Bucovina Romanian sheepdog.
Photo by Premus
Photo: Mihai Bojin
Mioritic Sheep dog:
Even though still a rare dog breed, the Mioritic sheepdog is more common than the Carpathian shepherd dog. The Mioritic sheepdog is very similar to the South Russian Ovtcharka, to which it is closely related.
The Carpathian shepherd dog is a flock guard dog closely related to the Shepherd dog of Sarplanina, the Karts Shepherd dog and the Caucasian Ovtcharka.
There are three types of Romanian shepherd dogs: Carpatin (old name Zăvod), Mioritic (also known as Barac), and Bucovina Shepherd.  For political reasons, these breeds remained isolated from the rest of Europe. As a consequence, these breeds remained largely unknown outside Eastern Europe and were never recognized by the AKC. Things seem to be changing now and since July 7th, 2005, the Mioritic Shepherd Dog and Romanian Carpathian Shepherd Dog have been recognised by the FCI on a provisional basis. In their home country the first two breeds were recognized by the Minister of Agriculture in 1981. Both breeds are extremely rare, with about 250 living specimen for the Mioritic sheepdog and about 195 individuals for the Carpatin.