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Asian Dog Breeds
(Dog breeds from China, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Thailand, Korea, Malaysia, Tibet,
Sri Lanka, Japan)


Afghan Hound: one of the most spectacular and glamorous greyhounds, probably descending from the Saluki.


See Himalayan dog breeds.


Razorback dog: a ridgebacked dog from Cambodia, see Cambodian razorback dog.


For the Chong Qing dog, Chinese crested and other dog breeds native to China, see Chinese dog breeds.


See Indian dog breeds


Kintamani: a spitz-like, white, piebald or tricolored (white, gold and black) dog breed from the island of Bali.

More about the Kintamani

Japanese Chin: a very small, black-and-white or red-and-white dog breed with a silky coat and an up-curled tail. It is considered the Japanese counterpart of the King Charles Spaniel or the Pekingese. Read more about the Japanese Chin>>

Japanese Spitz: a small, pure white dog with a bold and livery temperament and the typical spitz dog appearance: foxy face, prick ears, up-curled tail.

Japanese Terrier: a rare breed developped from Smooth Fox Terriers brought to Japan by Dutch sailors during the 17th and 18th century.

Sanshu: a robust dog that looks very much like a small Akita (or a large Shiba), but with a less curly tail. The color of the coat may be red, tan, white, grey, fawn, and pied. Black and tan and salt and pepper is also common. The Sanshu is used as a guard and companion dog. The breed has never achieved any official recognition.

For the other Japanese breeds, see the native Japanese dogs.


Dosa: a large molosser breed from Korea.

Jindo: a spitz-type hunting dog, agile like a cat and possessing a remarkable homing ability. More about the Korean Jindo >>

Poong san: the largest and toughest of all native Korean dog breeds, ressembling a Malamute or Siberian Husky. It has a white, red-brown, grey, black or brindled coat. It is used to hunt tiger, deer and wild boar.

Sapsal (also known as Sapsali or Sapsaree): a rare, long-haired, furry, medium-sized Korean dog breed. Although in morphology it is very similar to various pastoral and herding breeds, it was bred exclusively as a companion dog. The breed was traditionally thought to have been able to dispel ghosts from a family's home. Not at all aggressive, it is sweet-tempered in nature with a well-balanced temperament.


Telomian: a dog breed similar to the Basenji (see pariah dogs) that takes its name from the Telom River in Malaysia. More about the Telomian >>


See Himalayan dog breeds.

Sri Lanka:

Sinhala Hound:
Named after the Sinhalese people of Sri Lanka that may be genetically linked to the Basenji and Dingo. The Sinhala hound is alert and obedient.

Korean Jindo
Photo: Andrew Manley

Thai Ridgeback: a multi-purpose dog of ancient origin.
See: Thai Ridgeback.

Thai Bang-Kaew Dog: according to the legend this spitz-type dog descends from a fox-wolf dog cross.
Three further native breeds of Thailand have been described, but documentation is lacking to confirm their existence.

Mon Kon Klab: a breed related to the Thai ridgeback, but from the Trad Province.

Boran Dog: a hairless breed of Thailand

Thai dog: a smaller version of the Thai ridgeback, but without the ridge.


See: Tibetan dog breeds.


Phu Quoc Dog: a ridgebacked dog from the island of Phu Quoc.
See Phu Quoc

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Kintamani dog
Photo by Ira Kurnia Santoso
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Thai Bang Kaew dog