Hungarian Dog Breeds
(Dog breeds native to Hungary)
Hungarian dog breeds include flock guards and herding dog breeds, such as the Kuvasz, Komondor, Puli; pointers, such as the smooth-coated and wire-haired Vizslas; scenthounds and sighthounds, such as the Erdelyi Kopo and Magyar Agar, as well as  two smaller dog breeds, the Mudi, and Pumi.

Two of the Hungarian breeds, the Komondor and the Puli, have a very unique corded coat.
Photo: Majoros Laszlo
Dog Breeds originating in Hungary

A flock guard dog that was used to protect sheep from wolves. The corded coat provided protection against extreme weather conditions and predators, such as wolves. The cords are formed by tangles of fur that form hanging mats.

Like any other flock guard, Komondors are used to taking decisions on their own and can thus be quite independent in character.

The Komondor is a natural guard dog that will guard anyone (children or pets) that it has under its custody.
Wire-haired vizsla puppy
Kuvaszok (the plural of Kuvasa) are livestock guard dogs, estate guards and protection dogs of very ancient origin. The word Kawasz means 'protection' or 'armed guard' in Turkish, an influence that dates back from the Ottoman-Turkish reign.
Wire-haired Viszla
According to another theory the Kuvasz is believed to have borrowed its name from the Chuvash, the ancient farmers of Russia, possibly descendents of the Huns. The first Hungarian standard for the breed was written in 1885.

Magyar Agar (Hungarian Greyhound):
Dog Breeds of the World > Hungarian dog breeds
The Magyar Agar or Hungarian greyhound is smaller and shorter in the back than the Greyhound. Its head is also shorter and slightly broader. All colors are acceptable.
Magyar Agar, Hungarian Greyhound
A flock guardian dog breed with a heavily corded coat, similar to the Komondor, but usually black instead of white. The dogs used to be shorn together with the sheep to keep them cool during the hot summers. Today the characteristic coat is often left intact and grows into very long and ticks cords that compromise the agility of the dog.
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Wire-haired Vizsla puppy
Photo: Peter Csaba
Photo: Iztok Noc
A very rare all-round working dog breed used for herding, ratting and the hunting of small game.
Transylvanian hound (Erdelyi Kopo):
A smooth-coated, red-and-tan or tricolored (black, tan and white) scenthound that descend from crosses between the original Hungarian hound and hounds brought by the Magyars when they invaded Hungary in the ninth century. Exists in two versions, short and tall.

Vizsla (smooth-haired pointing dog, Drotszörü Magyar Vizsla):
A native Hungarian dog breed similar to the Weimaraner, but rust-gold in color. It probably predates the Weimaraner as it is mentioned in sources dating back to the 14th century.
Wired-haired Vizsla (Rövidszörü Magyar Vizsla):
A dog breed descending from a cross between the German Wire-haired Pointer and a smooth-haired Vizsla.
Wire-haired Vizsla
Pumi, dark grey
A terrier-like herding dog, with characteristic ears. Once a sheepdog, the Pumi is now mostly seen as a pet. The coat's color can be any shade of grey. Solid black and white are rarer, though also permissible.
Pumi, light grey
The coat should be curly but never corded and medium short, while longer and wavy on the ears and tail.