The Razorback dog is very rare, long-haired ridgeback dog found only in Cambodia from the Lao border to the capital Phnom Penh. They are larger than the Phu Quoc Dog found along the coast. The dog is rather uncommon and the Cambodians themselves have no particular name for it.
Cambodian Razorback Dogs
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The Razorback dog was discovered in the Mekong River Valley of Cambodia. Like the Phu Quoc dog and Rhodesian Ridgeback, the Cambodian Razorback dog probably descends from the same basic pariah stock common to southern Asia and Africa.

They are physically very different from the other two known ridgebacked dogs in the region (Thai ridgeback and Phu Quoc dog). They are larger with a broader head and a sword-shaped, bushy tail. Their coat is also much longer than that of the other ridgebacks.

The ridge is very well defined and stands over 2 inches high on the back. Being a long haired dog, the ridge tends to be even more noticeable. The fur is also much longer than the other ridgebacks
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Cambodian Razorback dog
Photo courtesy of Christian Berger
Cambodian Razorback dogs are usually particolored with a combination of white with either black, blue, brown or fawn. Solid colors without white also exist.

The Cambodian Razorback dog is powerful for its size and, although muscular, very active and agile.

Height at shoulder: Males up to 20 inches or more. Weight: Up to 60 pounds. Females are smaller.  In proportion, the length of back, from withers to tail set, is equal to the distance from withers to ground.


Cambodian Razorbacks are a primitive breed, but they do not show the temperament and behavioral traits one would typically associate with primitive or Pariah Dogs.  They are good natured, friendly with and protective of their human family. They are natural guard dogs that can be used for hunting as well.  They only bark when they feel there really is a reason.  They exhibit the power and confidence of the Thai Ridgeback Dog and are of similar size. Like most other primitive dogs, Cambodian Razorback dogs are not recommended for novice dog owners. They should be socialized at a very early age. 
Cambodian Razorback dog
Photo courtesy of Christian Berger