The Kintamani is a spitz dog breed from the island of Bali. These friendly, medium-sized dogs with erect ears and long fur are popular pets in Indonesia, but remain very rare outisde their homeland.

The Kintamani was named after the Balinese town of Kintamani. Kintamani dogs can be found in Sukawana, Kintamani, Bali, Indonesia.
(Balinese Kintamani Dog)
Kintamani puppy
Kintamani dog
Several stories exist to explain the origin of the Kintamani dog. One story has the breed originating 600 years ago from a Chinese Chow Chow. According to another story the Kintamani dog descends from a fox-wolf-dog cross.

A mid-sized spitz-type dog with a thick, long, dense fur, erect ears and a feathery tail curled over the back. The long coat forms a frill along the shoulders.
DNA studies involving Kintamani dogs, Bali street dogs, Australian dingoes, and nine AKC-breeds of Asian or European origin show that the Kintamani dog has evolved from Balinese feral dogs with little loss of genetic diversity.

The Bali street dog is more phenotypically diverse than the Kintamani dog, but all Kintamani traits are collectively present among the much larger population of feral Bali dogs. Bali street dogs are generally short haired and of the pariah type.

Genetic studies of the Bali street dogs (BSD) indicate that a viable and diverse population of dogs existed on the island of Bali prior to its geographic isolation approximately 12,000 years ago and has been little influenced by domesticated European dogs since that time.

Efforts are currently under way to have the dog accepted by the Federation Cynologique Internationale as a recognized breed.

Estimates say there are around 12,000 dogs of this breed throughout the Bangli Regency, where Kintamani is located.

The main risk threatening this breed is the continued interbreeding between Balinese dogs of different backgrounds which may ultimately dilute the unique genes of the Kintamani.
Kintamani dog vs. Bali street dog
The preferred coat color is white with a white red shade on the top of the coat and apricot ears, tail and hindquarters. Black also occurs, as well as other solid colors and other colors patterns, such as black and tan and white-gold-and-black. A special Kintamani dog is belang bungkem (black-and-white). However, these parti-colored dogs are probably genetically closer to the Bali street dog.

Kintamani are 40 - 55 cm tall.
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The Kintamani dog is a friendly pet dog and alert guard dog.

Kintamani Bali are active and lively, smart and highly trainable, have an alert and high curious characteristic. If living in close relationship with their owner they are very loyal dogs.

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More information:
Kintamani dog
Photo by Ira Kurnia Santoso
Source: Perkumpulan Kinologi Indonesia
Source: I. K. Puja (2005) Journal of Heredity 2005 96(7):854-859.