A giant form developed by increasing the size of the standard Schnauzer. Schnauzers come in three different breeds: miniature, standard and giant.
Photo: Emmanuelle Bonzami
The Giant Schnauzer was developed in Southern Germany in the 19th century as a butcher's drover and guard dog and first exhibited in  Munich in 1909 under the name Russian bear Schnauzer.
It was obtained by crossing the Standard Schnauzer with several other cattle-drover and working dog breeds, as well as some giant dog breeds, probably the Great Dane, Rottweiler and Bouvier des Flandres.
Although it looks like a terrier, the Giant Schnauzer is a true drover. It is a bold and dependable guard dog, combining the qualities of an alert and adaptable working dog and a good-natured, handsome family dog with a reliable temperament. An excellent dog for families desiring both a protector and companion.

The Giant Schnauzer also counts interesting new dog breeds among their descendants, such as the Black Russian Terrier, produced by crossing Giants Schnauzers with several other working dog breeds and dogs of Russian origin.

Typical features of the Schnauzer are its blunt-wedged muzzle and coarse, long beard. The tail has been traditionally docked and the ears cropped into an erect, pointed shape which added to the dog's already alert expression.
Giant Schnauzer
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Untrimmed Giant Schnauzer with undocked tail and uncropped ears. See comparison in height with German Shepherd Dog.
Giant Schnauzer (Comprehensive Owners Guide)
by Barbara J. Andrews (Author), Isabelle Francais (Photographer)
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