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Japanese Dogs:
Akita, Shiba, and Other Breeds
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NB: The List is not meant to be an exhaustive list of all existing canine breeds, but includes all dog breeds we have decided to include in the Canine Information Library
African Dog Breeds
Australian Dog Breeds
Dog breeds of the African continent:

Egyptian Armant
Bedouin Shepherd
Coton de Teluar
Rhodesian Ridgeback
Sloughi (Arabian Greyhound)
South African Boerboel

More African dog breeds

Australian dog breeds range from primitive dogs such as the Dingo to imported European dog breeds which have been selectively bred to create new breeds, better adapted to local Australian conditions (Aussie Bulldog).

Balkan Dog Breeds
Dog breeds from the Balkan Peninsula: Yugoslavia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Rumania, Bulgaria, Albania, Greece, and the European part of Turkey. More about the Balkan dog breeds.

Molossers, Terriers, Bull-and-Terrier breeds, Toy breeds, Sheepdogs and Hunting dogs from the British Isles.
More about the British Dog breeds.
Dog breeds of China, such as the:
Shar pei
Chinese crested
Chow chow
Kunming dog, etc.
Chinese dog breeds
French Dog Breeds
British Dog Breeds
Dog breeds from Holland
German Dog Breeds
Dog breeds from Germany:

Great Dane
Irish Dog Breeds
Iberic Dog Breeds
Italian Dog Breeds
Dog breeds from the iberic peninsula, i.e. Spain and Portugal, as well as from the Balearic and Canarian Islands:

Ca de Bou
Presa Canario
Ibizan Hound
Perdiguero de Burgos
Perdiguero Navarro
Perdigueiro Portugueso
Catalan Sheepdog
Cão da Serra de Aires
Galgo Español
Podengo Portugueso

Hungarian Dog Breeds
Erdélyi Kopó
(Transylvanian Hound)
Drotzörü Magyar Vizsla (Hungarian Wire-haired Pointing Dog)
Rövidszörü Magyar Vizsla (Hungarian Short-haired Pointing Dog)
Magyar Agar
(Hungarian Greyhound)

The nine native dog breeds of Ireland:

Irish Terrier
Soft Coated Wheaten Irish Terrier
Kerry Blue Terrier
Glen of Imaal Terrier

Irish Setter
Irish Red & White Setter
the Irish Water Spaniel

Kerry Beagle
Irish Wolf Hound

Dog breeds from Italy and the Italian Islands.

Neapolitan Mastiff
Cane Corso

More italian dog breeds:
Shiba Inu
Kai Inu
Akita Inu
Tosa Inu
Hokkaido Inu
Shikoku Inu
Kishu Inu
Ainu Ken

Native Japanese Dogs
Latin-American Dogs
Dog breeds from South and Central America, Caribbean and Mexico:

Fila Brasileiro
Brasilian Terrier
Buldogue Campeiro
Dogo argentino
Peruvian Inca Orchid

More South-american dog breeds.
More about the Japanese dog breeds.

More Asian dog breeds.
Dog breeds from the Russian Federation and the territory that was historically referred to as 'Russia'.

More about the Russian dog breeds.
Russian Dog Breeds
North-American Dogs
Dog breeds from the U.S.A. and Canada:

American bulldog
American Pit Bull Terrier
American Staffordshire Terrier
Boston Terrier
Catahoula Leopard Dog
Valley bulldog
Scandinavian Breeds
Dog breeds from the northwestern European countries of Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden, Denmark), as well as from Iceland and Finland. Read more about the Nordic dog breeds (Scandinavian dog breeds)

Finnish dogs:
Tamaskan dog
Finnish Lapphund
Finnish Spitz (Suomenpystykorva)
Finnish Hound (Suomenajokoira)
Karelian Bear Dog (Karjalankarhukoira),
Lapponian Reindeer Herder

Compare: Northern Dog Breeds

Tibetan dog breeds
Dog breeds from Tibet and the Himalaya (Nepal, Bhutan).
Dutch Dog Breeds
Dog breeds from France.