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The Landseer is a black and white color form of the Newfoundland which is recognized as a separate breed in Europe and many other countries except Britain and the United States. The breed was first depicted in the paintings by Sir Edwin Landseer, after which the breed is named (See dog breeds named after a person).

The black and white variety, which was prevalent in England in the eighteenth and nineteenth century, was immortalized by Sir Edwin Landseer, a famous Victorian painter. The breed became so famous through the painter's portraits and engravings that it was named after the painter.
by Sir Edwin Henry Landseer (1802-1873)
This is a painting of Milo, a lighthouse keeper's dog who is said to have rescued several children from drowning.
In dense fog the dog's barking also warned approaching boats of the rock on which the lighthouse was located. The lighthouse rock is off the coast of Massachuset near the town of Nahant.


by Catherine Marien-de Luca,
Character and Temperament

The Landseer is gentle and trustworthy, extremely devoted to his human family. It is an intelligent and intuitive dog who will instantly place himself between a threat and the person he has under his costudy. Like all large and protective dog breeds the Landseer needs gentle but firm training.
The color of the coat is a clear white with distinct black patches on the rump and the croup. Collar, forechest, belly, legs and tail must be white. Head black, with white muzzle and a white symmetrical blaze, neither too narrow, nor to wide, extending from muzzle over the head to the white collar, being considered a definite breeding goal.

Differences between the Landseer and the Newfoundland

Coat color is not the only difference between the Landseer and Newfoundland. The Landseer also has a more tapering head and a taller, less massive built. The Landseer is also much more active and
remains so untill his last day, while the Newfoundland is usually calmer.

Note that the name 'Landseer-Newfoundland' is generally used to indicate the color variety of the Newfoundland that are not of the breed Landseer. Landseer-Newfoundlands have usually more black on their body and blacker heads as compared to purebred Landseer dogs.
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