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(Dutch Keeshond, Dutch Barge Dog)
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For more background info about the Keeshond and the German Wolfspitz, see the chapters in the following book:
Desmond Morris
Dogs: The Ultimate Dictionary
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Not to be confused with the German Wolfspitz, which was originally a sheep-herder. The Keeshond's ancestry is that of a barge dog, although the breed probably descends from the German Wolfspitz or a common ancestor. Both breeds also look similar, although the Keeshond is slightly smaller in size and the two breeds also have different temperaments.

In some countries "Keeshond" is just a synonym for "Wolfspitz" or for Wolfspitze of a certain typical phenotype. Some Kennel Clubs consider that the difference between both breeds so minimal that both breeds or types should be lumped together.

The Keeshond is slightly smaller in size and appears less leggy than the Wolfspitz. Keeshonds also have a typical "teddy face" with a more pronounced stop and smaller ears than the traditional German Spitz. The Keeshond's coat is usually more fluffy and abundant with a slightly lighter coloring including creamy colors ranging from beige to almost orange. Grossly speaking you could say that the Keeshond slightly tends to a more Chow-like appearance, while the Wolfspitz has kept closer to a lupine appearance, even though both breeds have the typical Wolfspitz coat pattern.

Wolfspitze are generally more wary of strangers, while Keeshonds are very people-friendly at all times.

Note that the same confusion exists between the Pomeranian and the German Zwergspitz (Toy Spitz), which are considered the same breed in some countries.