The Gordon Setter is the largest and the most massive of the three setters. It is also the only native Scottish gundog.

Black-and-tan setters were probably present in Scotalnd as early as 1600, but the breed got its modern breed type with the 4th Duke of Gordon in the late 1770's.

The first Gordon Setters were exported to America in 1835.

Until the 1920's the tan markings could be any shade of tan, ranging from light straw color to a very dark shaded tan. Today's bright chestnut tan was established around 1928 with the Bydand strain of Gordon Setters. Today almost all pedigrees include Bydand ancestry.
Gordon Setter
Photo: Callalloo Candcy
The Gordon Setter is always black-and-tan in color. This was the preferred Setter color of the Dukes of Gordon after whom the breed is named. The hair on the head, top of neck and body and front legs should be trimmed to be smooth and fall flat.
Photo: Callalloo Twisty
Gordon Setter
(Black-and-Tan-Setter, Scottish Setter)
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Gordon Setters Today
Gordons make marvellous pet dogs, but they are above all gundogs that are happiest outdoors carrying out tasks or having fun.