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(Brittany Spaniel, Epagneul Breton)
A native French breed that was revitalized by Arthur Enaud, a local breed enthousiast, although the breed is of very ancient origin. Paintings by Oudry of the early 1700s show a liver-and-white Brittany-type dog pointing partridge and several dogs of the same type appear in paintings of the Flemish school.

The breed was recognized in France in 1907 and exported to the United Stated in the 1930s where it became one of the most popular of all pointing breeds.

The Brittany is an athletic, closely knit, medium-sized dog. Its tail is either naturally short or docked.
Brittanys are brown-and-white, black-and-white or tricolored (liver and white with orange points). Black is a disqualification color in the US.

Despite its former name the Brittany is not a spaniel, but a general purpose gun dog that can act as a tracker, a setter, a pointer, a flusher or a retriever.
Brittany Spaniel
Brittany Spaniel
Photo: Lawrence Sawyer
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