(St. Hubert Hound, Chien de St. Hubert)
A dog breed originally bred by the monks of the St Hubert abbey in Belgium. When the breed was introduced in Great Britain in the 11th century it was referred to as Bloodhound. See also: dog breeds named after a person. The dogs were either red, black-and-tan or liver-and-tan. The pale and white descendants of the St. Hubert hound, on the contrary, became known as the Talbot Hound.

Many dog breeds from all over the world, such as the File Brasileiro, Swiss Jura Hounds and American coonhounds, trace their lineage back to this very ancient breed.

In its native Belgium it is known as the Chien de St. Hubert, while in Scotland it used to be known as Sleuth Hound.

Bloodhounds have an unbelievable scenting ability. They can follow a scent many days old, over vast distances. Bloodhounds are often used as a police dog to track missing people, fleeing suspects, or escaped prisoners.
a Tampa Police Dept K-9 Unit Bloodhound
Photo: Luis Santana
Man-trailing: How to train your bloodhound
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