A dog breed created by Tina Barber in order to preserve the old type German Shepherd characteristics. The parent club, the Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club of America, continues to promote the futher development of the breed.

Tina Barber, an American breeder of German origin, started her breeding program in 1962 when she was aged only 14.
Her aim was not to create a new breed of Shepherd dogs, but to perpetuate the old type of German Shepherd dog she remembered from her childhood: true family companions, of exceptional intelligence, both physically and mentally sound, and large in size.

The Shiloh shepherd descends from the foundation lines of Shiloh-Emmview's Kara Lobo, a stock of very tall, leggy, wolf-like sables, which were crossed with the Old Württemberger Shepherd dogs, to improve bone size and hip quality. Apart from these carefully selected old-style German Shepherd dogs, Tina Barber infused some Malamute blood into her breeding stock to improve hips and increase size of the breed. The amount of Malamute blood is negligable as the lines were not directly outcrossed to a Malamute. Instead a MAW was used, i.e. a special cross of a Giant Malamute, an Alt Deutcher Shaeferhunde (old-style GSD) and a White GSD. Thus, the MAW dog itself only carried approximately 1/4 of malamute blood, and his direct offspring in the early 90's only had 1/8 of Malamute blood in them.

Tina Barber's breeding for good hips was not just to produce sound dogs, but also to improve temperament as dogs with a low pain level often (understandably) show temperament problems.

The Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club of America was formed in 1991 by a group of dedicated "Shiloh" lovers, to preserve and protect the future development of the breed. The same year the International Shiloh Shepherd Registry (ISSR) was created under the auspices of the parent Club SSDCA in order to separate the foundation stock from the FCI registered Shilohs. The registry holds records of more than 4000 true Shiloh Shepherds, as well as over 47,000 of their ancestors.

Several club splits have led to new registries, which, however, are not recognized by the original founder of the breed.

Shilohs come in two coat varieties: a smooth coat of medium length and a plush coat (with abundant feathering), which was originally accepted by the GSD standard.
White is an accepted coat color in Shilohs provided that the nose, lips, and eye rims are black.
Shiloh Shepherd
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The Shiloh Shepherd Story:
gainst the Wind--A Breed is Born (AUTOGRAPHED Limited Edition of 450 with Slipcase)

by Tina M. Barber (Author), Cinnamon Kennedy  (Author), Dr. John Patrick Grace and Wilie Lass (Editor), Linda Shaw (Illustrator)
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The Shiloh Shepherd Story
Temperament and Trainability

These dogs need plenty of daily exercise. Daily walktimes are not sufficient for this breed. Shilohs needs space to run and plenty of time to play.

Shilohs are watchful and wary of strangers. Reasonable aloofness is allowed in the show ring if it is the consequence of a strong sense of confidence and pride. Fear-based aggression, on the contrary, is never acceptable.

They are highly intelligent and excell in tasks such as search and rescue, obedience competitions, Schutzhund (preferably trained by the ELITE NASA method). However, their protective instinct is very personal and irrevocably linked to their owner and their human family, reason why Shilohs are not recommended for police work. They lack the strong prey drive typcial of GSD imports that is needed to carry out "public interest" protection tasks required of police dogs. However, when protecting 'their' humans, they will fight to the death.

Shilohs are best trained using the STM (Shiloh Training Method) based on a combination of "both Force-Food, yet adding a unique Focus-Reward system", based on "operant conditioning and positive reinforcement procedures from the field of behavioral psychology", similar to what many trainers use with horses and other animals. Reinforcers are generally non-food objects, which vary from dog to dog depending on what item is most reinforcing for that particular dog. (See: Shiloh Training Method)
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Confusion between the various Shiloh Shepherd registries
What is a Shiloh Shepherd ?
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Plush coat Shiloh Shepherd
Smooth coat Shiloh Shepherd
Photos courtesy of Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club of America.
Shiloh Shepherd (plush coat)
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